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Web integration

Is your business already has a presence on the Internet? Increase your sales now adding a virtual showroom.

In we developed an innovative and unique product. Without major outlays as computer programming, you can also have a showroom with self management and fully configurable to display Articles from your web pages without the need to refer their visitors to websites of third parties.

For a small monthly fee, embed on their websites our service virtual showrooms. From our website, you will have full control of your showroom: add, remove and edit articles, contact forms, subscription forms, and they do not have to endure that other companies will advertise your competition show with his wishlist .

As simple as write our integration code in any of your web pages and your visitors can navigate and interact with the items on display in your showroom without leaving your website.

Compatible with any business and website: automotive, marine, aviation, real estate, fashion and accessories, sports, food, construction or any other that sets show their articles online.

Our virtual showrooms let you sort your items by categories or families, providing search to their visitors.

Contact forms available on the home page of all articles, so that your visitors can contact you asking your questions.

It also has the ability to turn your own list of email distribution, fully automated, so that anyone who wishes can subscribe and receive new articles via email, you will publish on its showroom.

If you still have questions, you can try our DEMO virtual showroom or watch our video demonstration operation of the service by clicking here.

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