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Frequently asked questions

Can I show wish list on more than one website on my website? Yes. You can show your showroom since few pages sees fit in its website at a time.

Can I show my Wishlist several websites at once? Yes. You can show your showroom from few websites sees fit.

Why my showcase displays text Out of Service? The label appears out of service when payment has not been paid for the service of virtual showroom, and disappears when the user is current on payments.

Can I have more space for items for a few days? Yes. From the Recruitment section you can add more space for new items for the time you want, regardless of the usual number of items in your showroom.

Can I change my showcase activity? No. The activity of the showcase depends on the activity of your company and is established when registering. It is the only section that can not be changed later.

How I can close my showcase and unsubscribe from the service? In the area of procurement will find the link to delete your account with us. In no event will be refunded the difference by not served.

When renewing, I can change the number of items shown in my showcase? Yes. By renewing you can change the number of items shown for both more and for less, with minimal or higher number of items shown at the time of renewal.

Can I change the language of my showcase? Yes. From the Configuration options menu you can change the language of your window at any time. You just type the text of your articles in the same language you selected for your showroom.

Can I change the measurement units of the articles? Yes. From the Configuration options menu you can change the units of measurement to be displayed next to your articles.

If I remove an article away his data sheet? No. The data sheets do not disappear when deleting an article, but are stored for use when you repeat the same item.

How many categories or items Families can create in my window? There is no limit to the number of categories you need for your showroom. There is only a minimum of one category.

What is the difference between items Listings and Selected items on the pages of statistics? The number of times it has been listed as an item is shown in the list, while shown is when you have selected and was viewed independently of the rest.

Can I send my subscription list the same item more than once? No. Each item can only be sent to subscribers once. Abusing mailing always has a negative impact on subscribers.

Who can access my account? Your account is only accessible from the Internet and it is essential your username and passwords. Therefore, only you can access it.

How I can access my account if I lose or forget my password? Use the section, Forgot your password ?, you will find on the homepage of our website and send you an email with the information necessary to renew your password.

If I lose or forget my password, send me it by email? Or by email, or by any other channel. None of our servers stored passwords, only the hash of these, so we are unable to send information to know.

Is deleted my showcase when my account expires? Not immediately. Your window will remain 30 days on the server waiting to renew your account once it has expired. If ultimately not renewed, will be deleted automatically at the end of this waiting period.

How I can renew my showcase? Visit the Recruitment section of the website. There you will find all the information you need to renew your showcase, and if you have any questions, contact us.

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